The next year they deciding to have another Crawfest on the 2nd weekend of July in 2008.  This year there would be 4 bands playing during the weekend.  Then the next year there was 8 bands, the 4th year had 14 bands, and by the 5th year there was close to 30 bands and 500-600 people showed up throughout the weekend.  The 5th year proved to be a great success but, having one stage for so many bands became a log jam with the sheer number of bands playing till 4 a.m.  The 6th year Jake added a 2nd stage and the transition from one band to the next became almost seamless.  RV campsites have been added over the years and every year more vendors added to the weekend celebration.  Crawfest has become one of Oregon's Best Grass Roots music festivals with all genre's of music.  There is no border's as far as the styles of music that is welcome at Crawfest. 
Back in 2007, DR. Jake Crawford was hanging out with a friend of his Donny Kersey from Portland OR.  Donny had a band named Low Front.  Jake asked him if they'd come out and put on a show on Jake's property outside of Powell Butte OR, about 20 miles northeast of Bend.  Donny agreed as long as Jake would build a stage for the band.  Jake got to work and whipped up a 16' X 20' stage with no cover and Low front brought another band with them for the weekend.  Mostly a camp out with a live band that consisted of about 40-50 people for the weekend.  Around the bonfire someone came up with the idea of calling the party "Crawfest", after Jake's last name.  And the name stuck. 
Now we're at year 10 which is setting up to be the best year yet with promotional shows all over the state of Oregon.  Over the last 10 years, local bands from every corner of Oregon have graced the stages with out of state bands from Washington, Colorado, South Carolina, and California.  The vision of Crawfest is to bring the music community together for a weekend of family fun.  Crawfestian is a made up term for those who have attended.  Once a Crawfestian always a Crawfestian.